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Desiring to become an Independent Body of Believers, the following pastors met together to form and to organize what is known as a Community and Independent Methodist Church; Pastor Rump, First Community Church, Tuscaloosa, AL; Pastor Miller, St. John Independent Methodist Church; Pastor Hargrove, Union Bethel Independent Methodist Church and Pastor Luther Jenkins.

Mt. Zion Independent Methodist Church's pastor and members; Bro. Amos Brewster, Bro. George Daniel, Bro. Willie Davis, Bro. George Hale and Bro. Willie McCormack met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Ward at 1901 26th Avenue North.



Pastor Jenkins, (Founder), and these members purchased a piece of land on which a blacksmith shop was and used the blacksmith shop as a temporary place of worship. Before the congregation begin to worship in the blacksmith shop, boards were placed on the ground for a floor. As worship continued in the blacksmith shop, the construction of a larger place for worship was in the process. The building was completed and the furnishing was done. Lanterns were used for lighting and a pot-belly stove was used during the winter for heat.

Benches were made by one of the members. After the newly built church was completed, the blacksmith shop was used for storing coal and wood for the stove. The church had a kindergarten for children that needed a place to stay while their parents worked or ran errands.

On December 4, 1933, a Resolution for Incorporation of Church was filed with the Honorable Eugene Hawkins, Probate Judge of Jefferson County, that the members of the Mount Zion American Methodist Episcopal Church to become incorporated as provided by the statues of the State of Alabama.

In the new building located at 1818 26th Avenue North, gas and electricity was installed and used for the comfort to the members. At this time, the Mt. Zion Gospel Chorus and the Senior Choir was organized. The church purchased two pianos to be played during the worship services. Mrs. O'Neal was the musician for the Gospel Chorus and Mrs. Hayden was the musician for the Senior Choir. Very little money was raised at this time. Rev. Jenkins' salary was $1.50 per Sunday. Members would bring a pound of food for the pastor and his family.

On October 3, 1949, the majority of members of the Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church, Birmingham, Alabama, present, RESOLVED, that Mt. Zion A.M.E., a corporation, be and is hereby dissolved: That the name of Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church be changed to Mt. Zion Community Church.

Rev. Jenkins served faithfully as pastor of Mt. Zion Community Church until his death in 1949. Three Pastors, Rev. J.H. O'Neal, Rev. R. Askew and Rev. H.L. Herron were called during the next eight years.



In December 1957, Rev. Arthur Walter Young was called by God to pastor Mt. Zion Community Church. With the rapid growth, the members recognized the need for a larger place to worship and decided to relocate. On August 5, 1965, Mt. Zion Community Church, a corporation, purchased its present location; 1600 19th Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35204.

Under the leadership of Rev. Young, thirteen ministers were called: Wilton Crum, Henry Johnson, J.W. Croom, Clarence Dean, W.L. Echols, W.L. Polnett, Henry Smiley, Geoffrey Moss, Julius G. Bentley, Nathaniel Brock, Gerald Austin, James Dixon and Dennis E. Brock, our present pastor. Pastor Young departed his earthly life on November 16, 2003.


From July 1995 to October 1996, Rev. Mark Sadler was pastor of Mt. Zion Community Church. 



On July 1997, Rev. Willie L. Polnett was called by God to pastor Mt. Zion Community Church. Under the leadership of Rev. Polnett, two were called to preach the WORD of God; Julia Powe and Stephanie Nelson. Many projects were put in place and realized during the pastoring of Rev. Polnett including the purchasing of a twenty-five seat Church Bus. Rev. Polnett departed his earthly life on January 10, 2006.




On June 13, 2006, Rev. Dennis E. Brock was called by God to pastor Mt. Zion Community Church. Pastor Brock's focus for the church is that all members exercise their God-given talent and grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.