Saturday, January 19, 2019
Discover What GOD Can Do With Ordinary People

Pastor Staff

As Pastor of  Mount  Zion  Community Church, I extend to you an invitation to come and share in our worship services. The ultimate goal of Mount Zion is to subsist as a spirit-filled church and to build a safe community for mankind.

We are a Bible-Believing Church because we study to shew ourselves approved unto God in our Sunday school and in weekly Bible studies. We  are  a  Bible-Preaching  and  a Bible-Teaching Church because we know that God's WORD is Truth.

I believe that all members should be given the opportunity to exercise his  or  her God-given talent(s) in ministry. I  will  continue  to  lead  and  guide  the people of God   by   the  preaching  and   teaching  of   His  Holy  and  Divine  WORD. I  have asked the LORD  for wisdom, knowledge and  understanding  as His children are led to higher heights and deeper depths.

God has given me  this flock to feed, lead and to guide that they make  know  that God loves them so   much that He gave His only Son to die  for  the  sins  of  man. He loves  us so much that He says that we  should trust in  Him  with all our heart and lean not  to  our  own  understanding. We  are  to  trust  in Him  and  He shall direct our path.

Stop by and worship with us. We are a church where the music consists of gospel, contemporary and hymns in our praise and worship services. Your presence will be a blessing to this church family.

We are looking forward to have you come and worship with us and I know that we will be blessed by your presence. 


Yours in Christian Love,

Reverend Dennis E. Brock

Senior Pastor, Mt. Zion Community Church


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  “Discover What GOD Can Do With Ordinary People”